When your RV is “Inside” RV INDOOR, it is protected against the harsh and extreme Oklahoma weather. SUN can be very DAMAGING to the roof, fiberglass gel coat, paint, tires, rubber moldings and caulking. No “COOKING” of your interior or damage to window treatments, tints and coverings, woods, upholstery and fabrics due to excessive heat from the sun.

TIRE CRACKING is caused by a combination of solar and ozone exposure. All tires age. The big problem is premature degradation and the resulting large investment in tire replacement. Tire Manufacturers store their tires INDOOR to avoid the atmospheric damage when exposed to the weather elements.

2006 replacement cost for SIX RV TIRES, 255/80R/22.5″ Michelin XRV tires, $2700.00.
(source: T&W Tire. Oklahoma City, Ok.)

Law enforcement agencies and insurance companies recommend that recreational vehicles be stored inside.

No more criticisms by neighbors, violations of Neighborhood Covenants or City Ordinances for storing in front of your residence or on the street. No more costly citations.

38’ Motorhome? Then you have 14’ X 12’ additional storage left open for your jet skis, motorcycles, and additional household goods. You can store your shorter jet ski trailers sideways.

25′ Fifthwheel? Then you have additional space for a 20′ Ski boat! Many combinations are possible!

You can use your valuable spare time to enjoy your investment rather than to wash, wax and clean it. It is like having your own INDOOR SHOWROOM.

Add thousands of dollars to your trade-in and resale value by keeping your vehicle in “Excellent” or “Like New” condition.

Just 2 Miles West of OKC Airport. In the little town of Wheatland, Oklahoma. One Mile South of the new Airport Road, extension SH152. Past “Hobby Lobby” South on Council Rd to approximately SW70th, east on Ellis one Block on right side. Turn eastbound on Ellis after crossing the Rail Road tracks.

Why store your RV?

If you store your RV at home, when the RV is away, it’s like putting a sign outside for thieves that says “We’re away on vacation, come on in.”

Your home will be safer because thieves will not be tipped off when you are away. Reduced risk of break in, theft or other unauthorized access when securely stored indoors and out of public view.

STOP birds targeting your unit

  • STOP water spots on glass, mirrors or Plexiglas.
  • STOP paint or gel coat oxidation.
  • STOP roof resealing and recoating due to cracking.
  • STOP rainwater buildup on canvas covers or water seeping into interior.
  • STOP stains or black streaks to remove.
  • STOP rust or corrosion on chrome wheels or aluminum surfaces.
  • STOP bleaching or rotting of canvas covers and awnings.
  • STOP need to detail several times a year to protect the finish.